Great Ideas to Make Your Wedding Day Remarkable

Video Montages

Tell a story through pictures on how we arrived to your wedding day. Good Time Entertainment has an in house video montage designer that can create a video set to music that your guests will truly enjoy.

Custom Mashup First Dance Songs

Surprise your family and guests with a custom first dance song. We can create a mashup of your Love song that comes to a screeching halt, and goes into whatever party song you want. Call for more details.

Biographies of Bridal Party

Surprise your Bridal Party with short biographical sentences for the grand entrance. Remember to have fun while creating them.

The Shoe Game

Is the new version of the newlywed game, and will have your guests falling out of their seats... Ok, maybe not, but they will be laughing. Check out our Sample Questions.

A.R.T. Of Table Selecting

This is a great interactive way to get your guests into the buffett line. Our DJs will explain that they need one person from each table to give the Bride & Groom Advice, Roast them or Toast them. After that table participates they can go to the buffett.

Bride and Groom Trivia

This is how we find out who really knows the Bride and Groom by asking questions about them. You get to create the list. Prizes can be given or it is another great way to dismiss tables.

Photo Booth

The photo booth is a great way to keep your guests entertained. They can take pictures by them selves or as a group. The pictures they receive also go into a sign in book for your memories